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The Flying Pink Pig

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Qu'est-ce que c'est

Durée:   92 minutes
Les Séries:   The Flying Pink Pig 
Réalisateur:   Erica McLean 
Description:   You've seen the news, You've heard about the possible lawsuit, Now see the movie that caused all the Controversy! It’s what’s NOT on the menu that makes the Flying Pink Pig the tastiest ‘meals on wheels’ in town. Sunny Lane and her girls are serving it up hot and juicy with a smile, while the villainous Ron Jeremy and his cohort, Nicki Hunter , stop at nothing to get a piece of the action!
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Réviseur: Corva Siouan Date: 2/11/2011
Source: Aebn

Ron Jeremy is after a piece of Sunny Lane's hot business, and for once that's not a euphemism for wanting to fuck. He literally wants in on her booming food truck business, so he sends Nicki Hunter to spy on the daily goings-on inside "The Flying Pink Pig" and stage a business coup. Flash forward twelve hours and we see Nicki waking up next to Sunny, having quickly infiltrated the operations as a new employee.

We don't have to wait long for the action, or to find out what makes the food at the Flying Pink Pig popular: a special ingredient, namely an aphrodisiac. This magic juice quickly restores rock star Tommy Gunn's mojo when a hot little black-haired babe named Megan Foxx delivers his food. She gets to take a ride on his famous rod, while he gets to stretch her little pink pussy wide open.

Faux-hawked cutie Sasha Heart is such a dedicated employee that she makes a special delivery to pilot Michael Vegas on her day off. She's instructed to make sure he eats every bite, but it only takes one mouthful to make the special ingredient work. Well, that and Sasha flashing her perky natural tits. She sucks his dick while he slides a finger under her panties and stimulates her moistening pussy, giving us a great view of her bubbly ass. Michael likes doing this so much that he forgoes further cock-sucking in order to get her off with fingers and mouth combined. She's into it, getting him to spank her while he eats her out, but they're both too worked up to delay fucking any longer. He slides between her plump pussy lips and gives it to her several different ways – the harder and faster, the more she likes it. They're a good-looking pair in a fun scene.

Back at the food truck, Nicki deals with Ron harassing her on the phone over why she hasn't overtaken Sunny's Flying Pink Pig and handed it to him yet. Nicki is more interested in fucking hot construction worker Lee Stone in the truck. She's literally salivating over his huge cock and can't get enough of it, whether he's plundering her mouth, pussy, or ass. They have the kind of aggressive sexual chemistry that some people can only achieve by having make-up sex after an argument. Is it that special ingredient, or are they just that horny naturally? How long do the effects of the aphrodisiac last? The mind reels at the possibilities.

Ron pesters Nicki on the phone again almost before she has time to wipe Lee's cum off her face. This time, Ron insists that she take Sunny to meet his finance guy, who is supposed to talk Sunny into letting Ron "invest in the company." The big money guy is Nick Manning, so it's understandable that Sunny comes on to him, aroused at the prospect of getting down to business. Before they can get it going, his wife, Shayla Laveaux, walks in on them. Luckily, she likes sharing her husband, as long as she gets to participate. It's fun for all, especially when they double-team his cock and throw in some fluttering tongue action, and when they take turns sitting on his face and his raging erection. Shayla loves watching Nick fuck Sunny, and so do we. Sunny always makes it look fun and she has a great rapport with director Erica McLean (see last year's hit "Alice"). After making Sunny cum, Nick attends to Shayla's carnal needs and then, with his signature "Droppin' loads!" battle cry, he gives them enough cream to share with a kiss. It was so much fun they decide Sunny gets two trucks. Nick deems her his cock slave and Sunny doesn't mind one bit.

Nicki gets another call from Ron, who's furious that the plan backfired. Now he wants her to steal Sunny's recipes, but first they're going to a movie studio, where Emy Reyes hopes to be discovered. Oh, she's definitely discovered, although not quite how she expected. Emy perks right up when her favorite actor, played by swarthy, long-haired newcomer Nikko, comes to the truck. Their mutual attraction is instant and she could've easily seduced him even without the special ingredient. The sensuality of this scene rockets off the charts as they feed each other and she gets him to eat some of it off her neck. Emy is so cute and cock-excited that she could become your new favorite porn star. She talks dirty in Spanish, which is such a turn-on you'll spill your hot sauce. You can tell Emy is a great fuck not just by how much fun they're having, but also by the massive load he feeds her.

We never do find out whether Nicki and Ron will succeed in taking over the Flying Pink Pig, but not to worry. Director Erica McLean and studios Metro Media Entertainment and Cal Vista Pictures have two more installments in the works. Will the legal entanglements brought about by the food truck's real life owner put the kibosh on those plans? Let us all hope not, because "The Flying Pink Pig" is so tasty we want seconds and thirds.

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